Discover life-changing scientific advancements with Myrtelle


We are changing the way the scientific community approaches white matter disorders

Myrtelle is a gene therapy company whose mission is to transform the treatment of neurological diseases.

Through our core technologies, assets, patents, and expertise, we have built a platform to address an array of diseases with white matter involvement, including demyelinating diseases and ASPA-associated disorders.

Our vision rests in our ongoing dedication to changing the treatment, abilities, and quality of life of those afflicted by devastating neurological disorders for whom few, if any, treatment options exist.

Learn more about our innovative clinical trial for the treatment of the rare monogenetic disorder, Canavan disease



Our commitment to our proprietary technologies enables innovative approaches to hundreds of disorders involving myelin.

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Strategic Partnerships

We propel our journey by cultivating strategic partnerships which allow us to further our mission through scientific research, manufacturing, production and more, including an exclusive IP license with Pfizer Inc.